14th Gen Laptops in Nepal

Latest 14th Gen Laptops in Nepal?

As we are in the year 2024, the laptops have started getting updates, and one of them is the latest 14th generation processor. But are we getting the latest 14th-generation laptops in Nepal? The answer is yes. Mudita Store, which is well-known and people’s favourite laptop store in Nepal, is soon to announce the availability of 14th generation laptops in Nepal.

Before you rush into buying the 14th generation of laptops, you need to know about the changes and updates to the processing capabilities.

So, hold your seat and roll with us as we will be discussing the latest and most powerful 14th Gen processor and don’t forget to check out why you should buy the latest generation of laptops in Nepal.

14th Gen Intel Core Processor Overview

14th Gen Processors in Nepal

Recently, Intel launched the mobile version of its ‘Raptor Lake Refresh’ processors for laptops at CES 2024. As per the demands of consumers, getting an update was important so what could be a better option than launching the 14th generation processor?

With the launch of the 14th Gen processor, it was an answer to the demands for more performance in its notebook chips.

The Intel Core i9 14900HX processor, leading all the other latest processors, can hit up to 5.8GHz, driving desktop speed inside a gaming laptop.

The gaming experience on gaming laptops is sure to be hyped and get better with the powerful 14th generation processor. Additionally, the 14th-generation mobile core HX series will be what you’ll buy for Intel-based fast gaming laptops.

But what is the update that you shouldn't miss out on? The update is that Intel’s Core Ultra processors top out at six performance cores (P-cores) and eight efficiency cores (E-cores), with a pair of low-power E-cores to boot.

There is more, as we will be starting out with eight P-cores and a whopping sixteen E-cores in the Intel Core i9-14900HX processor. With this, we can see that the new tasks that appeared will be routed to the fastest cores first.

There is more, as the new 14th-generation Core mobile processor shares some overlap with the Core Ultra-DDR5 memory, Bluetooth 5.4/5.3, and integrated Wi-Fi 6E. The support for Thunderbolt 5 is definitely a significant upgrade. Which promises 80 to 120 Gbps connections, allowing multiple high-resolution displays and likely a resurgence of external GPUs.

14th Gen Intel Core Processor Benchmarks

14th Gen Intel Core Processors cores and threads

Intel released the five 14th-generation mobile Core HX processors in January 2024, which are equivalent to the desktop version of the 14th-generation Core, Raptor Lake Refresh.

The five 14th Gen Intel Core processors we will be getting are:

  • Intel Core i9 14900HX Processor
  • Intel Core i7 14700HX Processor
  • Intel Core i7 146590HX Processor
  • Intel Core i7 14500HX Processor
  • Intel Core i7 14450HX Processor

But what are the cores and threads of the processors? Let’s keep it a secret, right?

No worries; we got you! Here’s a table showing the cores, threads, and boost power of the five different 14th Generation Intel Core processors.

Benchmarks (Cores, Threads, Max Boost for Cores)




Intel Core i9-14900HX Processor

Total Cores: 24 Cores

Performance Cores: 8 P-Cores at up to 5.8 GHz

Efficiency Cores: 16 E-Cores up to 4.1 GHz

32 Threads

Intel Core i7-14700HX Processor

Total Cores: 20 Cores

Performance Cores: 8 P-Cores at up to 5.5 GHz

Efficiency Cores: 12 E-Cores up to 3.9 GHz

28 Threads

Intel Core i7-14650HX Processor

Total Cores: 16 Cores

Performance Cores: 8 P-Cores at up to 5.2 GHz

Efficiency Cores: 8 E-Cores up to 3.7 GHz

24 Threads

Intel Core i7-14500HX Processor

Total Cores: 14 Cores

Performance Cores: 6 P-Cores at up to 4.9 GHz

Efficiency Cores: 8 E-Cores at up to 3.5 GHz

20 Threads

Intel Core i7-14450HX Processor

Total Cores: 10 Cores

Performance Cores: 6 P-Cores at up to 4.8 GHz

Efficiency Cores: 4 E-Cores at up to 3.9 GHz

16 Threads

Source: PCWorld

When is the 14th Gen Intel Core Processor available in Nepal?

As Mudita Store promised to announce the availability of the 14th Gen Intel Core Laptops in Nepal, you have to wait a little more. Soon, you will be able to purchase the powerful gaming laptop equipped with the latest 14th Gen processor at the Mudita Store.

But, you know, what is the best part? You will get the laptop at a reasonable price. As you can all get a rough idea of the pricing, which can be expensive, for our valuable customers, we will be offering the laptops at a reasonable price, keeping the profit margin minimal.

If you are in a hurry and want to get your hands on the limited laptops equipped with powerful processors, we suggest you prebook the laptops today. The sooner you reach out to us, the higher the chance you have of getting one of those powerful gaming beasts.

With Mudita Store, you can now pre-book the ASUS ROG Strix G18 and G16, featuring the powerful 14th Gen Intel Core i9-14900HX processor.

For more information about the prebook and the specifications of the ASUS ROG Strix G18, click on the provided link. For the ASUS ROG Strix G16, you can redirect to the product page by clicking here.

Conclusion: Why should one upgrade to 14th-generation processor laptops in 2024?

The better the processor, the better the performance and we all know how important having better performance on a laptop is. And the 14th Gen Intel Core processors are the beasts for performance. Just imagine getting a PC like performance on gaming laptops.

Isn’t it the best thing we have heard in 2024, gamers? So, for gamers who are constantly seeking better performance and a better gaming experience, the 14th Gen Processor is right for you.

Make it possible with Mudita Store by preordering the laptop today. Get the best pricing and save huge.

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