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  • Acer Swift Go 14 2024: Is This The Best Ultrabook in Nepal?
    Acer Swift Go 14 2024 Intel Ultra 7 155H processor

    Acer Swift Go 14 2024: Is This The Best Ultrabook in Nepal?

    Acer Swift Go 14 powered by 2024’s Intel Ultra 7 155H processor with 16-cores is no wonder the best ultrabook you can buy in Nepal. In the year 2024, AI is taking over almost everything so why not on a laptop?

    Acer is taking on the lead with the AI-integrated Acer Swift Go 14 2024 model, which is now available exclusively at the Mudita Store for the first time in Nepal. You don’t have to wait to get the 2024 laptop models.

    In this article, let’s go deeper into the detailed specifications of the Acer Swift Go 14 andsailesh_test

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  • Lenovo LOQ 15: The Best Budget Gaming Laptop in Nepal?
    Lenovo LOQ i5 12th Gen Price in Nepal

    Lenovo LOQ 15: The Best Budget Gaming Laptop in Nepal?

    The Lenovo LOQ Gaming Laptop in 2024 is one of the most popular and preferred budget gaming laptops. But why? Gaming laptops are now quite expensive, even with decent specifications but the Lenovo LOQ stands out with its specifications and pricing.

    The Lenovo LOQ gaming laptop features the Intel Core i5 12450H processor and RTX 2050 graphics card, along with an 8/512GB storage variant and a 15.6-inch FHD (1920 x 1080) 144Hz display.

    Considering it as a budget gaming laptop, you can now buy the Lenovo LOQ Gaming Laptop for just NPR 89,999 from the Mudita Store, including exciting freebies.


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  • Latest 14th Gen Laptops in Nepal?
    14th Gen Laptops in Nepal

    Latest 14th Gen Laptops in Nepal?

    As we are in the year 2024, the laptops have started getting updates, and one of them is the latest 14th generation processor. But are we getting the latest 14th-generation laptops in Nepal? The answer is yes. Mudita Store, which is well-known and people’s favourite laptop store in Nepal, is soon to announce the availability of 14th generation laptops in Nepal.

    Before you rush into buying the 14th generation of laptops, you need to know about the changes and updates to the processing capabilities.

    So, hold your seat and roll with us as we will be discussing the latest and most powerful 14th Gen processor and don’t forget to check out why you should buy the latest generation of laptops in Nepal.


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  • Best Laptops for Programming in Nepal | Mudita Store
    Best laptops for programming in Nepal

    Are you looking for best laptops for programming in Nepal? If you are then we have got you as we bring you the best 5 laptops that are just prefect fit for programming and other assignments of the students. Equipped with the latest processor, these laptops are the best value for money laptops. Find out more about the laptops, and if you are interested to buy one, then remember Mudita Store as your go-to laptop store in Nepal.sailesh_test

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  • Which is Better? Acer Swift Go 14 i5 13500H vs. i5 13420H?
    Acer Swift Go 14 i5 13500H vs. i5 13420H

    Which is better? Acer Swift Go 14 i5 13500H vs. i5 13420H?

    In Nepal, we can get the Acer Swift Go 14 with two different variants of the Acer Swift Go 14 i5 processor. They are the i5 13500H and i5 13420H processors, but wait, which is better?

    In this blog, we will discuss Acer Swift Go 14 i5 13500H vs. Acer Swift Go 14 13420H and find out which might just be the better option for you to go with.

    Clearly, the i5 13500H processor is better than the i5 13420H processor, as we can find it as an upgrade version of the 13420H processor.


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