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Happy Mudita Customer
Our Happy customer with her Apple Macbook Air at Mudita Store.
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I feel very warm welcoming and very friendly behaviour. They share their other products experiences and also suggests what will be genuine and what is worthy in the budget. - Prajwal Lens
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Went there to buy a Macbook Air M1 for my brother. Very satisfactory experience. Excellent service, very very friendly staffs & quick response in socials. -Ayush Banjade


  • Top Best Laptop Under 1 Lakh in Nepal
    Best laptops under 1 lakh in Nepal

    Best Laptop Under 1 Lakh in Nepal

    Are you looking for the best laptop under 1 lakh in Nepal? If so, then you have come to the right place, as we will be discussing the best laptops that you can buy under NPR 1,00,000 that meet your budget as well as your needs.

    So, how do you choose the best laptop? Laptop with a better processor, enough storage, better RAM with additional slots, an integrated graphics card, and nevertheless a better display.

    In this blog, you will find the best 6 budget laptops that cost less than Rs. 1 lakh in Nepal. Also, we will mention the ongoing offers and discounts you can get from purchasing with Mudita Store.

    6 Best Laptops Under 1 lakh in Nepal

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  • Best BenQ Monitors Under 1 Lakh in Nepal | Top 6
    Best BenQ monitors under 1 lakh in Nepal

    Best BenQ Monitors Under 1 Lakh in Nepal

    When it comes to choosing the right monitor to complete the PC setup or additional screen, there is always confusion amongst many. To help you choose the right monitor, we have come up with the best BenQ monitors under 1 lakh in Nepal.

    BenQ monitors are popular as designer monitors that are best for photo editing and video editing. The color accuracy and vividness, low-blue-light technology, build quality and design of these monitors are, without question, the best.

    They do have monitors specifically designed for gaming that have adaptive sync and a high refresh rate but they are quite expensive as compared to designer monitors.

    Without further ado, let’s begin with the best sailesh_test

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  • Best Mechanical Keyboard To Buy In Nepal
    Best Mechanical Keyboard to buy in Nepal

    Best Mechanical Keyboard To Buy In Nepal

    When it comes to choosing an ideal keyboard, one that is not just better looking but also has better durability and typing experience is the one of the best option to go for.

    If you are looking for the best keyboard to buy in Nepal, then we have the best 9 keyboard suggestions that you can buy from NPR 5,000 to NPR 17,500 with Mudita Store.

    Whether you are a gamer or passionate about having a better setup with better peripherals, mechanical keyboards are definitely filling the space for you.

    With these external gaming mechanical keyboards, you will get a better typing experience, durability, customization options, and tactile feedback.


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  • Best MacBook To Buy in Nepal 2023
    Best MacBook to buy in Nepal 2023

    Best MacBook To Buy in Nepal 2023

    When it comes to choosing the ideal laptop with better performance, specifications, and features, Apple laptops are everyone’s priority.

    Although the price may be higher than the other laptop models, looking at their smooth performance with better graphics, they are still value for money.

    But which is the best MacBook to buy in Nepal? In 2023, there are top laptops from Dell, ASUS, HP, Acer, etc., which are quite popular in Nepal’s marketplace, competing against the MacBooks.

    In the competition for the best laptop, MacBook laptops are mostly seen as leading.sailesh_test

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